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Wisconsin Quick Facts

Wisconsin at a Glance

Uniquely Wisconsin: Wisconsin Dairy Farms, Wisconsin is the dairy capital of the United States
Must See: The House on the Rock
Most Unusual: The Mustard Museum in Mount Horeb
Highest Point: Timms Hill, 1951 feet
Food to Try: Cranberry Pie and Colby Cheese

What to Do in Wisconsin:

1 Visit a Wisconsin dairy

2 Take in the excitement at a water park in the Wisconsin Dells

3 Explore the shops in Door County

4 Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in New London

5 Visit Taliesin, the home of architect Frank Lloyd Wright

6 See the mysterious archeological site at Aztalan State Park

Off The Beaten Path, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a beautiful state filled with amazing natural features, art, culture and community. Throughout the state visitors will find unique and fun activities to participate in and places to enjoy. Here are a few excellent destinations that visitors can find in the great state of Wisconsin.

House on the Rock, Spring Green
Visitors to Wisconsin should visit the House on the Rock. The house and other buildings that visitors can explore today was built in the 1940's on top of Deer Shelter Rock. The House on the Rock started as a weekend home, today there are many buildings, exhibits and more. Visitors to the House on the Rock can explore the collections of the original owner.

Storybook Farm Llama Trekking, Phillips
One fun activity visitors to Wisconsin can enjoy is llama trekking. While Llama trekking visitors learn all about llamas, how to handle llamas and learn about the personality and disposition of the llama they are paired with. After learning about the llamas, visitors get to trek  with the llama, and for the very adventurous there are also obstacle courses.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail
The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a great way to experience the beautiful state of Wisconsin. This Trail showcases the evidence of the Ice Age glacier that covered most of North America. Wisconsin's many lakes, hills, river valley and more are great evidence of the glacier. The Ice Age National Scenic Trail spans 1200 miles across Wisconsin. Visitors to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail can take day hikes, or hike across much larger parts of the trail.

Eau Galle Cheese, Durand
Wisconsin is famous for its cheese. One of Wisconsin's fine cheeses is produced at Eau Galle Cheese Factory in Durand. Visitors to the Eau Galle Cheese Factory have the opportunity to taste some of the excellent cheese produced in Wisconsin. The Eau Galle Cheese Factory also allows visitors to watch how their cheeses are made.

Taliesin, Spring Green

This stunning home is one of the amazing examples of the architecture and genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. Visitors to Wisconsin should make sure they take the opportunity to explore this amazing piece of American art. Throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall visitors to Taliesin can take guided tours of the Taliesin Estate. There are a variety of tours, and it is important to note that the Estate is privately owned and only accessible by guided tour.

Devil's Lake State Park, Baraboo
Devil's Lake State Park is one of Wisconsin's most popular state parks. It is an especially great destination from late spring to early fall. During these season's with good weather visitors can enjoy Devil's Lake, which is a stunning spring-fed lake. In addition to the beautiful lake, the park also has a great trail system, over 29 miles, that visitors can enjoy recreating on.

Rotary Botanical Gardens, Janesville
These beautiful gardens in Janesville are well worth a visit. Located on 20 acres the Rotary Botanical Gardens have amazing examples of plants and flowers throughout the world. Some of the gardens are focused on international gardens, including English, French, Japanese and more. In addition to the themed gardens there are more gardens for visitors to explore.

Fun & Funky, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a great state to enjoy a vacation. For those visitors looking for an attraction that is a little different, here are a few of the fun and funky spots in Wisconsin.

World's Largest Six Pack, LaCrosse

LaCrosse is home to the World's Largest Six Pack. This six pack are the tanks of the City Brewery. Today, visitors can see the painted tanks that make up the World's Largest Six Pack, and as it is an operational brewery, the six pack is full. For visitors looking for souvenirs, there are items available at the brewery's store.

FAST Fiberglass Statue Factory, Sparta
The FAST Corporation is a manufacturer of giant fiberglass statues. These statues are used at all different types of attractions and destinations. For visitors that are curious about where all those giant statues are made, a trip to the FAST Corporations Mold Yard in Sparta is in order. This is where the company stores all of its molds, and visitors can wander through the yard to see all of the different types of statues that they have made.

National Dairy Shrine Museum, Ft. Atkinson
Wisconsin is known for its dairy industry, so no trip to the state would be complete without learning a little about dairyland. The National Dairy Shrine is a great place to learn all about the dairy industry, from the history of ice cream to butter. Visitors can take a tour of the Visitor Center, which has tools of the dairy trade as well as information about the dairy industry in the past and present.

National Mustard Museum, Middleton
The National Mustard Museum started as the collection of just one man, today the National Mustard Museum has over 5,300 mustards as well as all types of mustard memorabilia. Visitors can lean all about mustard, and if they visit at the right time of year there is also a mustard festival held in Downtown Middleton.

Rock in the House, Fountain City
Visitors to Wisconsin that are looking for truly funky sights should stop at the Rock In The House. This is a home with a coin-shaped rock that rolled right into the middle of the house. One day, a huge rock just rolled into the bedroom of a home in Fountain City. The owners left the house with the rock in it, and now visitors can visit the house to see the rock and the destruction it caused.


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West Virginia Quick Facts

Uniquely West Virginia: Hatfield - McCoy Trail System
Must-See: Civil War Discovery Trail
Most Unusual: Indian burial grounds at Moundsville
Highest Point: Spruce Knob, 4,863 feet
Food to Try: Apple butter

What to Do in West Virginia

1 Go rafting on the New River

2 Explore the indian burial grounds found in the state

3 Enjoy fresh apples at the Mountain State Apple Harvest Festival

4 Take a scenic historic train excursion

5 Learn about West Virginia history at Harpers Ferry

Off The Beaten Path, West Virginia

West Virginia is an amazing state. Filled with the beauty of nature, a variety of wildlife, history and much more. Visitors to the state will find all sorts of attractions and destinations to explore. Some of these points of interest my be tourist heavy and some may be a little more off the beaten path. Here are a few worthy destinations in the great state of West Virginia.

Cass Scenic Railroad State Park
Visitors to this state park will have a glimpse into a time when steam locomotives were an essential part of West Virginia's industry. Much of the park is preserved as it was during the time period when steam locomotives were the main form of transportation for industry. Visitors have an opportunity to explore the park and learn about the history of steam locomotives. In addition, the park offers an excursion on the historic Cass Scenic Railroad.

Coal Heritage Museum
Located in Madison, West Virginia, this museum is a great way to learn about one of the regions important industries. Coal mining played an important role in the state. The museum has a wide range of exhibits about coal mining and the lives of West Virginia coal miners. These exhibits include mining tools, photographs, oral histories and much more, all telling the stories of coal miners throughout West Virginia.

Grave Creek Mound Archeology Complex
Within this complex visitors can see the burial mounds built by the Adena culture. The Adena people were one of the original cultures inhabiting the region that is now West Virginia. The mounds were built over many years from around 250 to 150 B.C. The Grave Creek Mound Archeology Complex also has a great museum with exhibits and displays about the burial mounds and their construction as well as the Adena culture as a whole.

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
This delightful park and community is located at the point of convergence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. Visitors to the park can explore the exhibits and museums in the historic community. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park also has trails to hike, including part of the Appalachian Trail. Another interesting feature of the park are the battlefields that visitors can learn about and enjoy exploring.

New River Gorge National River
The New River is one of this continents oldest rivers, and over 70,000 acres of land around this national river are protected and preserved for visitors to enjoy. The river passes through deep canyons and its power can be seen in the powerful white waters on the river. Visitors to the park can enjoy hiking, biking, climbing, whitewater rafting and more. Throughout this park there are historic sites, many opportunities to enjoy wildlife viewing and birding. Visitors can also visit a variety of points of interest within the park, including Sandstone Falls, the largest waterfall on the river, and the scenic overlooks in the Grandview area.

West Virginia Wildflower Pilgrimage
Starting at Blackwater Falls State Park, this event is a great way to enjoy all beauty spring in West Virginia has to offer. The state park acts as a launching point to explore the wildflowers and natural beauty in the surrounding area. Held annually, visitors can see a wide variety of wildflowers, wildlife, birds and the natural features of the region.

Snowshoe Mountains
For visitors looking to recreate at any time throughout the year the Snowshoe Mountains are a great option. In the winter it is a great spot to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Winter visitors will enjoy the 60 trails and slopes and four terrain parks on the mountain. However, this destination is also great for spring, summer and fall recreating. Visitors will also find excellent biking, golfing and more.

Fun and Funky, West Virginia

West Virginia is a fascinating state for visitors and residents. Those travelers that enjoy the more fun and often funky destinations in the places they visit should keep an eye out for these excellent attractions.

Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine
One of the major pieces of West Virginia history is coal mining. Visitors to the town of Beckley can learn all about coal mining at a real coal mine. Although no longer in use as a coal mine, visitors can take tour tour with a veteran coal miner as a guide into the different underground areas of the mine. Visitors can also stop at the coal museum, the fudgery and more.

Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum
This fantastic museum is an excellent destination for both adults and children. The museum, located in Wheeling has an amazing collection of toys and trains from many generations. Visitors will find a scale model of downtown Wheeling, as well as some fun train layouts.

Lost World Caverns
Located outside of Lewisburg, travelers that are interested in caves should stop and take a self guided tour of the Lost World Caverns. This attraction has a half mile loop, which takes visitors past a variety of amazing formations. In addition, visitors can stop at the museum, which has a fantastic collection of fossil replicas and more.

West Virginia State Farm Museum
The West Virginia State Farm Museum is an ideal destination to learn all about the farming history of the state. Many historical buildings have been moved to the museum to preserve their part in West Virginia history and for visitors to explore. The museum features a Blacksmith Ship, a schoolhouse, log cabins, a Carpenter Shop and much more. In addition the museum has a large collection of artifacts that tell the story of This part of West Virginia history.

World's Largest Teapot
Chester, West Virginia is home to the largest teapot. Those travelers that seek to see the largest things throughout the country should be sure to stop to see this example. While in Chester make sure to stop and get a postcard featuring the gigantic teapot.

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