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Wisconsin | Fun and Funky Things to Do

Wisconsin is a great state to enjoy a vacation. For those visitors looking for an attraction that is a little different, here are a few of the fun and funky spots in Wisconsin.

World's Largest Six Pack, LaCrosse

LaCrosse is home to the World's Largest Six Pack. This six pack are the tanks of the City Brewery. Today, visitors can see the painted tanks that make up the World's Largest Six Pack, and as it is an operational brewery, the six pack is full. For visitors looking for souvenirs, there are items available at the brewery's store.

FAST Fiberglass Statue Factory, Sparta

The FAST Corporation is a manufacturer of giant fiberglass statues. These statues are used at all different types of attractions and destinations. For visitors that are curious about where all those giant statues are made, a trip to the FAST Corporations Mold Yard in Sparta is in order. This is where the company stores all of its molds, and visitors can wander through the yard to see all of the different types of statues that they have made.

National Dairy Shrine Museum, Ft. Atkinson

Wisconsin is known for its dairy industry, so no trip to the state would be complete without learning a little about dairyland. The National Dairy Shrine is a great place to learn all about the dairy industry, from the history of ice cream to butter. Visitors can take a tour of the Visitor Center, which has tools of the dairy trade as well as information about the dairy industry in the past and present.

National Mustard Museum, Middleton

The National Mustard Museum started as the collection of just one man, today the National Mustard Museum has over 5,300 mustards as well as all types of mustard memorabilia. Visitors can lean all about mustard, and if they visit at the right time of year there is also a mustard festival held in Downtown Middleton.

Rock in the House, Fountain City

Visitors to Wisconsin that are looking for truly funky sights should stop at the Rock In The House. This is a home with a coin-shaped rock that rolled right into the middle of the house. One day, a huge rock just rolled into the bedroom of a home in Fountain City. The owners left the house with the rock in it, and now visitors can visit the house to see the rock and the destruction it caused.


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